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HNLVideo’s special niche is that we make cost-effective professional network level op-eds, commentaries, Interviews, news panels, promotions and full programs featuring the very information that your organization needs to satisfy your obligation to your audience.


Original video content boosts your search engine rankings (SEO). That’s where HawaiiMD.TV comes in. We bring the cost of producing this valuable effective professional video content to a highly affordable level. 


The primary way most people find things on the web is via search engine queries. Searchers visit sites that rank higher on the first page of search results. Original content is the key to higher page ranking. The Google, Yahoo and Bing algorithms reward original video content even better. 

Unlike written content and static graphics, videos are not treated as “duplicate content” by search engines, so one video can be distributed, without penalty, a dozen ways online. A single 90-second video uploaded to your website, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter pages can be an extremely powerful marketing super-tool.